Parts Warranty Q&A

Q: If I purchase my Toyota replacement parts from and have them install at a Toyota dealer what is covered?

A: If you purchased Replacement Parts and had them installed at a authorized Toyota dealer both parts and labour is covered. If Replacement Parts are provided to you at no charge as part of the new vehicle basic warranty coverage is 90 days or the balance of the new vehicle basic warranty (whichever is greater, for parts & labour). If you purchase Replacement Parts from Toyota and have them installed by a Toyota dealer, your coverage is 24 months or 40,000km (whichever is greater, for parts & labour).

 Q: I purchased my Replacement Parts from Toyota but had them installed elsewhere what is covered?

A: The parts would be covered 12 months, unlimited KM and labour would NOT be covered.

 Q: I purchased a Re-manufactured Toyota Replacement part, is my warranty different from a regular Replacement Parts purchase?

A: Yes, Re-manufactured Replacement Parts have different coverage than regular Replacement Parts. Re-manufactured parts are covered for 12 months or 20,000km, whichever coves first. Consult your Toyota Dealer for details.

Q: What is not covered by warranty?

 A: Parts replaced under extended retail muffler, shock absorber and battery warranties.

Replacements required due to wear, discolouration, deterioration, deformation, fading and normal noise.

Replacement required after 6 months on the following items would be considered wear and non-warrantable: Bulbs (except headlamps), filters, wiper blades (inserts), and fuses.


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